We have organized the 48th Prague Go Tournament, Korean Ambassador Cup, which took place on 20–21 April 2018 in Hotel Duo, Prague.

The results can be found at EGF Database.

Photos from the Tournament are available on Tournament’s Facebook Page.


Prague, April 20-21, 2019

The Prague International Go Tournament belongs among three top go events in the country. It was already its 48th term and for the 12th time it was played as the Korean Ambassador ́s Cup. Traditionally, the event is also a qualification for the annual Korean Prime Minister Cup taking place in Korea in the fall.

This year the total number of participants reached 90 players from 13 countries (including Czechia) and about 40 different go clubs. The furthest traveled player came from Japan, a 90 years old enthusiast who stays temporarily in Prague. The tournament attracted a good number of top European players including the current European Champion Pavol Lisy (2-dan pro) from Slovakia and former European champion Alexander Dinerstein (3-dan pro) from Russia. The tournament favorites also included a Czech champion Lukas Podpera (7-dan) and Kim Seong-jin (8-dan), a Korean who resides in Germany and belongs among the strongest amateur players worldwide. As in recent years the event was held in the Congress Hall of the Duo Hotel in Prague, traditionally under the auspices of the Korean Embassy in the Czech Republic. At the closing ceremony the participants were warmly addressed by His Excellence Mr. Moon Seoung-hyun, the Korean Ambassador in Prague himself who also personally awarded the main prizes to the tournament winners.

The top eight Czech players went through knockout rounds to determine the winner of the main prize – the Korean Ambassador ́s Cup. For the first time the winner is Jan Hora (6-dan), who defeated the last year champion Lukáš Podpěra (7-dan) in the final game. As Jan Hora is also a current holder of the prestigious Czech Go Baron title, he appears well suited to represent our country at the Prime Minister Cup in Korea (14th World Go Championship). After three Saturday rounds there were two undefeated players with the top score: Jan Hora (6-dan), and Kim Seong-jin (8-dan). At the end the Korean player proved to be too strong for his opponents and won the tournament without losing a game. The 2nd and 3rd places were taken by Pavol Lisý and Lukáš Podpěra, respectively, both of them scoring 4 wins. Jan Hora finished 4th after losing his two final games. The complete list of results and more information can be found at http://www.europeangodatabase.eu/EGD/Tournament_Card.php?&key=T180421B.

All players and visitors also appreciated an excellent tea spot arranged by professional tee experts and providing cups of high quality tea free of charge. The event was organized by the Pagoda society that supports go events in and around Prague and by the Czech Go Association. The organizers would like to thank all the supporters and sponsors that include the companies Sungwoo Hitech, WUBE Software Ltd., China Tours, Palírna u zeleného stromu and to Mr. and Mrs. Daněk. Special thanks go to the Korean Embassy for its already traditional support of the event.

On behalf of the organizers, Aleš Cieplý